About Us

Mission Statement

To deliver a national service to Muslims across the UK that provides advice, support and resources to family and friends of a deceased or someone approaching death, in order to reduce the burden and stress at their time of need

Our Vision

One thing certain in life is death.

As Muslims, we believe that this is part of our overall journey, and we are encouraged to prepare for our eventual destination.  However, talking about death and preparing for it has become a taboo subject, which has led to ignorance and confusion on what to do when someone dies.

Our vision is that all Muslims who die in the UK are buried according to Islamic sharia, those nearing death have access to support and advice, that family and friends are assisted in this process and that after death support and guidance is available.

We initially aim to achieve this by providing clear up to date guidance and support, providing readily accessible details of local services and establishing partnerships with funeral services and like-minded organisations. With time we intend to encompass all the aspects of the end of life journey, provide financial and psychological assistance to those in need, assist our fellow Muslims who have recently embraced Islam and increase the provision of non-invasive autopsy.

InshAllah with your help and duas we can ensure that the burden and hardship for fellow Muslims will be eased during a difficult time.


We are four like minded individuals who have one goal; to strive for the cause of Allah.

We have never met in person, know little about each other and literally stumbled across one another.

However, we share the same vision and values and have dedicated our most precious asset, time, to bring together our expertise in various fields, so that we can ease the burden of our fellow Muslims when they are going through difficulty, and we seek no reward apart from pleasing The Almighty.

Our team

Dr. Naeem Khan

General Practitioner

Qualified as a doctor from University College London Medical School and is a partner in both a NHS and private general practice surgery in South West London, ensuring high standards of healthcare for his patients. He is a GP appraiser, looks after a dementia care home for the elderly and was awarded the Fellowship of The Royal College of General Practitioners in 2008.

Kashif Barlas


An independent consultant in information risk and cyber security with 30+ years service in different sectors. He is the founder of SharedAffairs.com and has held voluntary posts in local government, as a Metropolitan Police Constable, MEND and actively engages with the local Muslim community.

Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel

Founder AZKY Tech

Based in Birmingham, UK and is the founder of AZKY Tech Labs. AZKY Tech is a software consultancy that primarily focuses on making web applications for clients around the world. Before starting AZKY Tech, Zubair worked as a Software Engineer for 6-7 years in the IoT sector

Ahsan Latif

Consultant Finance

A consultant in the Financial industry and is based in Greater London. He has had the good fortune of being associated with different Charities as a helper and an associate.