Muslim Funeral Services Newcastle

There are several Muslim Funeral Services in Newcastle. It is listed here

  • Madina Masjid

4-36 Wingrove Gardens
Newcastle upon Tyne


Newcastle has a thriving Muslim community and there are many funeral services in Newcastle and the surrounding area.

Note: For an up-to-date list, please search in our Funeral Services Directory as there will likely be more Muslim Funeral Services in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

About the National Muslim Funeral Advisory Service (NMFAS)

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A medical doctor writes our guides. These simple guides explain what to do when someone you know dies. The guides help assist family and friends through the journey from certifying a death to burial. Our guides will provide you with all the information you need, e.g. Whether a death occurs at home or in a hospital or whether it is expected death at home. The team at NMFAS is here to help you in this difficult time.

Our end of life guide provides essential information on potentially avoiding an unnecessary invasive post mortem. There are situations where a terminally ill or elderly frail family member is nearing the end of their life. A CT scan or MRI can be an alternative to an invasive post mortem in certain situations.

NMFAS can also signpost you to counselling services and institutions that provide financial support in burial costs.

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